Maps based on Australia NationalMap


See the explanation about Australia NationalMap. See some examples below.

Develop and host your maps

IndexGeo can develop and host your map data-files and configuration. To commence the process, please contact. While map-making might appear to be easy, we advise that it is not.

Usage notes

When a map is loaded, it will automatically zoom to the extents of the data. It will use a minimal base-map to increase the initial speed. You can then switch to a more detailed base-map if required.

The maps have a Data Catalogue to provide additional relevant layers (such as Local Government Areas and Stream Network).

Using 2-dimension mode is suitable, and is less demanding on computing power and network.

Other abilities and layers are available in 3-dimension mode. Your web browser would need to support WebGL (Web Graphics Library). (Just try using the map - it will issue an informative message if it detects trouble.) Most modern browsers do support WebGL, however it may need to be enabled. See instructions.

To assist with navigation, zoom and pan in 2-D mode or 3-D mode using the Light base-map. Use the Dark base-map to emphasise the colours used by the data layers. When needed, switch to a more detailed base-map. To fly through the map and get the full effect of 3-D layers, enter "Perspective" view. See the NationalMap Help and FAQ for further assistance.

Enhance the maps by adding your own local data (beyond the ability to activate the many available layers). Consider these scenarios which show some mapping tasks, how you can get started immediately, and demonstrate ways in which IndexGeo can assist.

Some examples

These are some of the maps prepared by IndexGeo. We design the application and build the tools which gather the available data and generate the map data files. We then host those data-files so that they are reliably available to be automatically loaded.