Maps based on Australia NationalMap : Kangaroo March 2015

During September and October 2015, the Kangaroo March re-enacted the original recruitment march of 100 years ago. The 2015 March departed Wagga Wagga on 5 September to arrive in Campbelltown on 10 October.

Use the map of the towns that were visited by the Kangaroo March.

Each rectangle shows the approximate location where the March will break camp and move on to the next location. Select the rectangle for more summary information, and the link to further detail about this days' march.

The "Rally time" layer: The March is preparing to depart this location. The grey-coloured circle indicates their camp and rest period. The green-coloured circle is your alarm. It will increase from 07:00am until 08:30am. Gather your friends and get out to visit the March.

The data for the map is derived from the Itinerary. (See the scenario explanation of how this map is developed.)

See the introduction and usage notes and navigation tips for all maps.