Geospatial Services

Reliable discovery of geospatial information

IndexGeo has been involved with the Internet since the early 1990s. We emphasise the need for well-structured, standards-based documents to describe resources. These descriptions then form reliable foundation for sophisticated search facilities.

Implementation of the Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD). 2015 update: After about 17 years of operation this service has now evolved into FIND (the Australian Government spatial data catalogue).

The Z-alarm service evolved over the many years of implementing Z39.50 search services, to conduct a series of tests to search the individual servers of the whole distributed search system. The diagnostic table of alarms presents the situations where the answer does not meet the expected result.

The need to ensure quality xml metadata documents is handled by the ANZMP metadata validation service (which also forms part of the Eco Companion document management service).

Node managers are encouraged to keep their document collections up-to-date. The Z-alert service lists new or modified documents for each month.

Further information about past work.