Maps based on Australia NationalMap : Repower Shoalhaven

Repower Shoalhaven "develops community solar projects for business and individuals to participate in".

Use the map to browse the set of projects. Alternatively, use the map based on AREMI (Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure).

The rectangle shows the approximate location. Select the rectangle for more summary information, and the links to further detail.

The "Output" layers are not enabled by default. Select them from the Data Catalogue. The data values are relative to each site, and are an approximate representation of the monthly output values available at each site's Suntrol monitor.

For the "Output" layer, the glowing circles are an approximate indicator of each site's monthly output statistics. When each site's installation comes online, its circle has the minimum radius. For each month, the radius will grow and shrink, with its maximum radius being the sunniest summer month. The colour scale indicates the relative output compared to other Repower Shoalhaven projects. It varies from a dull red, up through orange-yellow, to the maximum bluish-white.

The "Output pillars" layer is intended for use in 3-D mode. Its characteristics are similar to the "Output" layer, except using extruded ellipses rather than circles.

One spectacular way to use this layer: Apply the "Dark Matter" base-map in "3D Smooth". Use "Zoom To" to go to the extents of that layer. Navigate and rotate the scene to look east. Enter "Perspective view" and sit above the range looking to the eastern horizon. Now activate both "Output" and "Output pillars" layers. The scale for the time-series data is moving fast, so each sunrise flashes by (slow it down if you like). The relative position of each sunrise will move to the south until the time reaches the summer solstice in late December, which should roughly correlate with maximum output (similarly for winter).

See the introduction and usage notes and navigation tips for all maps.