History of IndexGeo

IndexGeo Pty Ltd is an Australian information technology services company established in 1995. We develop online interfaces to geographic information, especially directories and catalogues of spatial data (i.e. earth-related data) and natural resources information. We have been instrumental in building some of the key online geospatial services in Australia. The facilities that we develop enable effective management and discovery of geospatial information resources.

We have been involved with the Internet since before the introduction of the World Wide Web, and so understand the importance of well-structured and reliable information resources.

Wayback archive

This IndexGeo website has been re-arranged. In doing so we have attempted to preserve the information and resources. However there are links to other websites, and those organisations might not be so diligent.

So when you discover a broken link, then use the wonderful Internet Archive Wayback Machine to find historical copies, by copy-and-paste the URL of the missing resource.