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About Eco Companion Editors

Editorial staff oversee the content of the Eco Companion catalogue. The editors conduct regular reviews using the search facilities, assisted by robots that conduct searches and regularly produce summaries. Editors are automatically alerted to new or modified information.

We make every effort to ensure that the documents contained in the catalogue are relevant to the topic of environmental and ecological resources. The Acceptable Content Policy governs the topic and content of all documents.

Although we take these steps, we cannot guarantee that all content is relevant or accurate. We investigate documents by conducting some simple tests ... that the document seems legitimate and is not nonsense, that the person or business can be found in the telephone directory and discovered by other means, that the location and theme and abstract of a dataset are all consistent, etc.

Each editor can investigate the documents that are scheduled to be published. They also conduct searches in their particular field of expertise.

The editors also provide publishing and document management assistance to higher grade Eco Companion members.

The Acceptable Content Policy also outlines the powers and capabilities of the editors.

Copyright and responsibility rests entirely with the author of the document.

Last Modified: 8 November 1998