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About membership

Benefits are outlined in the document "Benefits of membership".

The current services and document entitlements of the various grades of membership are explained in the table below.

All members have a private "preparation" folder where you use the document management facilities to prepare instances of various types of catalogue records. When you are satisfied with the presentation of any of your documents, you can make them available for public access by copying them to your "published" folder.

Each grade of membership is entitled to a certain number of published documents and a similar number of documents in preparation.

Grade Explanation Services and document entitlement Cost
Guest Anyone can search the Eco Companion catalogue. Guests cannot manage any catalogue records.
  • all levels of search
  • browse and view any published documents
  • view any "about" and "help" documentation
  • produce simple locality maps
Grade 1 The basic membership grade assigned when you join. This grade enables you to explore the service to ensure that it will be of benefit to you. You can use all member services. You are entitled to only one instance of each type of record. You are not permitted to create links from your catalogue records to external documents.
  • as for Guest, plus ...
  • all document management facilities
  • maintain a limited number of catalogue records
  • private access to your preparation folder
Document type Preparation Published
dataset description 2 1
Grade 2 Now that you realise the benefits of document management, you can use your catalogue records to link to relevant documents on the network (such as your home page). You can maintain more records. Access statistics are generated showing who is looking at your catalogue records.
  • as for Grade 1, plus ...
  • link catalogue records to external URLs
  • manage more documents
  • access statistics
Document type Preparation Published
dataset description 6 5
$242 per year (inludes GST $22) Australian dollars
Grade 3 Larger businesses and organisations will need even more catalogue records. You can also use batch processing facilities to manage large numbers of documents. Editorial staff will assist you by suggesting better keywords or style for improving the content, presentation, and discovery of your records. We will also assist you to develop your own Internet site (which is referenced by your catalogue records).
  • as for Grade 2, plus ...
  • editorial assistance
  • manage more documents and use batch processing
  • configurable look-and-feel for individual authors and for groups of authors
  • Internet site development assistance
  • we can transparently give your large collection of dataset descriptions a presence in the Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD)
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Last Modified: 21 September 2001