Eco Companion Australasia

search for environmental resources - promote your own expertise, capability, and collections of data

Eco Companion is a node of the distributed Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD)

Eco Companion is an environmental resources catalogue and online document management service.

Concise descriptive documents are personally managed by members and published as catalogue records.

Sophisticated library search facilities enable effective resource discovery and promote documents to national and worldwide virtual library networks.

Catalogue - Records are short descriptions of various earth-related resources (datasets) Theme editors oversee the content to ensure relevancy.

Document Management - Members of the service, strictly from Australia and New Zealand, use online document management facilities to publish their business promotional material, dataset descriptions, and resources.

The service enables authors and editors to easily and consistently manage the documents. These facilities ensure that documents are generated to current digital library standards and so enables better resource discovery. In this way well-managed content is contributed to the catalogue.

Process and validate your collection of geospatial dataset descriptions for inclusion in the Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD).

Resource Discovery - To promote your expertise and resources we use online library search and retrieval techniques that enable your catalogue records to be concisely searched from national and international directories, as well as the many general search services.

Join now, create, and publish a dataset description within 60 minutes.

  • Features
    • discover relevant ecological resources
    • personally maintained by members
    • editors oversee content
    • advanced library search
    • concise resource discovery using latest electronic publishing techniques
    • contributes to worldwide digital libraries
    • targetted to Australia and New Zealand
    • acceptable content policy ensures relevant resources
    • basic grade membership is free
    • online document management facilities ensure quality
  • Benefits
    • members describe and promote their available earth-related data
    • members are relieved of the need to maintain their own software
    • utilise electronic publishing techniques without understanding the details
    • effective resource discovery
    • editors ensure a reliable catalogue
    • local resource management leads to global environmental solutions
  • Aims
    • promote effective management, access, and use of Australasian spatial data
    • provide useful services to the local and national environmental communities
    • contribute to building a coordinated land information directory for Australia and New Zealand

Local business, small government agencies, large organisations, and individuals are now empowered to effectively promote their resources


Eco Companion is a service of IndexGeo Pty Ltd ABN: 29 070 993 609
160 Cowper Street Goulburn NSW 2580 Australia